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kimcofinoSM.jpgKim Cofino

Born in the US, Kim has been teaching overseas for the last 8 years, first in Munich, Germany then in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and now in Bangkok, Thailand. Currently, Kim is the 21st Century Literacy Specialist at the International School Bangkok. Her role bridges the gap between technology and the library by helping core subject teachers utilize web 2.0 technologies in the classroom, creating a global and collaborative approach to learning. Over the past two years Kim has worked with classroom teachers to develop internationally collaborative projects that authentically engage students from all around the world, helping them become effective 21st century learners, collaborators and creators.

Blog: http://mscofino.edublogs.org
Twitter, Skype, AIM: mscofino

external image wagnerjl.gifJennifer Wagner...

was looking for an interesting way to collect data for a science fair project and posted her question to the EdTech newsgroup board, and the O.R.E.O. Online Project was born. The Project is now in its TENTH year and JenuineTech.com hosts many online projects during each year. She was the top finalist in the Global SchoolNet Foundation Teacher Award in 2006 for her online projects and effective uses in teacher collaboration and has won various other awards for her innovative use of technology. Her JenuineTech website has a monthly newsletter with Useful Links, Technology Facts, and a 30-Minute Technology Tip for teachers to use immediately in their classroom or lab. She is an enthusiastic conference speaker and enjoys sharing the power of technology in and out of the classroom. Jennifer has published her first book, 35 Tech Tips for Teachers!

Blog: http://www.jenuinetech.com/blog
Twitter: jenwagner
Nings: projectsbyjen.ning.com (an online portal for participants of Jen's Projects)
http://onlineproj4tchrs.ning.com/ (an online portal for teachers wishing to host or join online projects)